Schedule for FabMo Volunteer Activities

Our volunteers are the HEART of FabMo, creating that special experience for our guests.  Thank you for volunteering. 

For these volunteer opportunities, we ask that you have attended at least one In-Person Shopping Event so that you can relate your own FabMo experiences. 

Most regular currently scheduled opportunities for volunteering are on this schedule.  This includes weekly activities such as pickup and regular sorts, various shifts in support of our In-Person Shopping and planned Outreach Events (EarthDay, County Fair).  

If you're a first time In-Person Shopping volunteer you can get an excellent introduction to volunteering at FabMo as Floor Helper!  

Volunteer Shifts are color-coded by "role" (Greeter, Floor Helper).   The color changes to pale blue to indicate timeslot has been filled or has been requested and is pending confirmation.  Select a role and time.  Once your participation has been verified, you will receive a confirmation email.  You will receive reminder emails 72 hours and 24 hours before your volunteer time. 

Please provide your best phone number (and please phone FabMo at 650-282-6548) in the event last minute contact is necessary.

Looking to make an appointment instead of volunteering? Go to the Appointments calendar.

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